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Osteopathic Continuous Certification (OCC)
Component 2: Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment

Component 2: Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment - OVERVIEW

  • The purpose of this component is to enhance the osteopathic pediatrician’s medical knowledge and practice skills.
  • There are two parts to component 2:

Component 2: Part 1: Lifelong Learning

  • CME Requirements
  • CME requirements must be completed every three (3) years in order to maintain specialty certification.
  • The process for verification and processing CME hours through the AOA will not change.
  • The AOA website will link to a reporting platform maintained for each individual. The status of OCC and CME requirements for every AOA member will be maintained in this platform. Each physician and their respective board will have access to this system for monitoring purposes. An annual fee (of $30.00) will be added for each specialty certificate to the annual specialty fee for a total of $95.00 which is paid as a part of the annual AOA dues.

Component 2: Part 2: Self-Assessment

  • Pediatricians will assess and enhance clinical knowledge and practice skills in areas important to their practice using activities developed by the AOBP and ACOP. These self-assessment modules support and promote lifelong learning which is vital in providing quality patient care.
  • Part 2 consists of two separate and required sections:
    • eJournal articles and assessment (click here to access)
    • POMT modules and assessment (click here to access)
  • eJournal articles and assessment
    • The ACOP eJournal, which is published quarterly, will have a topic included in each edition which has been chosen because it is clinically focused and of relevance to pediatric practice. Invited experts will discuss various aspects of the chosen topic and a written quiz consisting of ten questions will be presented at the end of each review. These questions may be answered and submitted to the ACOP for CME credit and the AOBP for OCC credit. These sections will be archived and available to members for study and completion at any time.
    • In each three (3) year CME cycle, the ACOP will publish a total of twelve review topics which will be identified as OCC articles in the eJournal. The AOBP suggests that half of these six (6) be completed in each three (3) year CME cycle and the AOBP requires that a total of eighteen (18) of the available thirty six (36) topics are completed in each nine (9) year OCC cycle.
    • This activity has been approved for 1 hour of AOA Category 1B credit per quarterly section.
    • Each quiz must be submitted to the ACOP and a minimum score of 70% must be achieved for credit. The ACOP will directly submit the activity to the AOA for CME credit and to the AOBP for OCC credit.


    • Any osteopathic pediatrician who chooses to take the AAP PREP course or who successfully meets requirements for an ABP self-assessment exam (Knowledge, Decision Skills or Sub-Specialty) may receive OCC credit for this activity in lieu of the eJournal activity.
      • One (1) PREP Self-Assessment fulfills the eJournal requirement of eighteen (18) eJournal articles and assessments in a 9 year OCC cycle. 
      • Eighteen (18) Pediatrics’ in Review articles fulfill the eJournal requirement of eighteen (18) eJournal articles and assessments in a 9 year OCC cycle. 
    • Sub-specialists may participate in self-assessment reviews for credit which have been approved by the AAP or ABP such as:
      • NeoReviewsPlus™
      • PREP Adolescent Medicine™
      • PREP Endo™
      • PREP ICU™
      • PREP E-Med™
      • Pediatric Endocrine Society self-assessment program
      • Various  other sub-specialty self-assessment programs developed by the ABP
    • Written documentation of successful completion of the program must be submitted to the board for OCC credit. Please submit this documentation to the AOBP at aobp@osteopathic.org.
    • An attestation form is available on this website which must be submitted along with written documentation that the physician has met or exceeded basic standards for this program. If basic standards have not been met, the program will not be accepted for OCC credit.
    • The AOA generally provides AOA CME Category 2 credits for this type of activity and this activity may also qualify for specialty requirements. Individuals must submit the activity to the AOA for CME credit.
  • POMT (Pediatric Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment)
    • The ACOP and AOBP have collaborated in developing nine (9) POMT modules which are relevant to the practice of osteopathic pediatric medicine.
    • These modules are available on the AOBP website.
      • You can access the modules here.
    • Each module has been approved for 1 hour of AOA Category 1B credit.
    • The AOBP requires that all nine (9) modules be successfully completed during each nine year OCC cycle. A short quiz must be taken, passed (with a passing grade of 70%) and submitted to the AOBP for Category 1B CME credit. The AOBP will report this activity to the AOA CME Department for OCC credit.
    • There is currently no charge for quiz submission for both the eJournal and POMT modules and CME credits for both the eJournal and POMT modules.
    • PLEASE NOTE: These modules are available to the AOBP diplomates only. You must be certified by the AOBP in order to receive credit for these modules.


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